Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Tornado Strikes Again

Tonight we took a meal to a pregnant friend who isn't all that up for cooking...

And us...

We had cereal.

The kids cheered. And I smiled. (So it's cereal that gets the treasures to clap and giggle? :)

Dinner was over and the dancing girl went to empty the dishwasher.

My Siah was tying up one very full bag of garbage, when he looks over at the dishwasher.

His eyes get all big and his mouth drops open and he says it,

" Oh-my-goodness-Mom... The Tornado has struck again!!!"

I turn around and stare.

The entire inside of the dishwasher is HOT PINK!

What in the world? How? What?

I take a closer look.

And then I remember.

Remember how the littlest boy was "helping me" with the dishes just a few hours earlier... I put them in, he takes them out...

I remember how he had that metal spoon in one hand and a lovely pink crayon in the other.

I pull out the bottom rack and find the saturated pink paper wrapper in the silverware basket.

It's quiet and the kids are looking right up at me waiting to see just how I might react.

My eyes catch theirs...

And I just burst into laughter.

They laugh to. And they can't seem to stop.

We all laugh deep in our insides.

Cuz what else can you do, when the Tornado strikes again, and dyes your dishwasher a shade of lipstick pink that your Mom might have worn in 1985?

So I apologize ahead of time... If I bring you a meal, well, it just might be in some hot pink tupperware. :)

Jedediah Cyrus Clark (Also known under this farmhouse roof as The Tornado)