Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sisters On A Summer Day

Our girls are growing like weeds. They're taller, yes, but it's there friendship that's blooming into this glorious sunflower patch of vibrant joy. These girls can bring out the best (and the worst) in each other.
They can pretend play Rupunzel for hours on end.
They both change their clothes a dozen times a day.
They have the most extravagant tea parties at the pink princess table in their room nearly every afternoon.
But I must say what I love most about these two treasure gals is the way they can make each other laugh.

Last Saturday was one such sunny afternoon...

Two giggling girls running and jumping, twirling, and spinning till their hearts content.
Satisfying Silliness,
Naturally seeping out of the two of them and seeping into this Mama heart. I couldn't help but laugh that silent belly laugh of mine... the one where nobody else can hear a sound coming out of my mouth, the one where my stomach pained from the joy is the only invisible evidence.

I never had a sister.
I don't really know what sisters are all about.
But I know a bit of these two sisters...

I see the way they laugh together.
I soak up the way the oldest one helps the youngest one up onto the trampoline.

I smile at the way they chase each other round and round.

I thank Him for the evidence of full fledged fun all over their feet.

And I try to capture their friendship with my lens so that my worn memory might always be able to reminisce about these precious faces.

Sure do love these sister girls!!