Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Porch

Life has been too busy lately. Not that I have even left the farm all that much, but My Joey, he works 9-5 and he's got places to go and people to see. It's all good stuff. But all the same, my heart misses his and things can get lonely up here, on the hill, in the sticks, while I'm potty training #3, and #4 is teaching himself how to crawl, everywhere. And him and I we can't always connect the way that our souls were meant to connect. So we move through our days, talking business (bills, kids, who needs what, where, those sorts of things).

He's always sure to kiss my forehead, letting my sleepy self know that he's home from his adventures for that day. I pull him in close and whisper in his ear, "How I missed you today." He assures me in his own tender way that he's missed me too.
We pray quietly for one another throughout our days. Prayer connects us. We know too well that time is a missing piece. And we pray for wisdom in using our time wisely.

But this past Tuesday.

After work, we eat dinner at the farm table, which we do nearly every night. He was finishing up the last dish in warm effort to help me a bit before he was off to his staff meeting. I felt his eyes watching me pick up pieces of the tornado that had struck our living room that afternoon as he dried his hands with a dish towel. I was worn out, physically yes, but more so in my spirit, mainly just longing for his time. It's not that I can't do it on my own, it's just that I like it better when we're together. I didn't say anything to him with my words, but I'm guessing he must have noticed as I forced a smile across my face and stood up to hug him good bye... again...

"You okay?" He asked

"Ya, just tired. Missing you. Like it when we're together."{weak smile}

He wraps his arms around my neck and tucks me close up under his chin.

"Ya know what? I think I'm just gonna text Michael and let him know I'm not gonna make it tonight."


"You and me, I think we need to hang out on the porch."


As exhausted as I was, my whole body perked up, my face lit up. He sent the text. He poured me a glass of iced tea and pulled the rocking chair from the living room onto the porch for me.

We spent a few hours out there. We made each other laugh. He really is hilarious. We watched the sunset and listened to Casting Crowns' Bluegrass Tribute. He showed me a few new things I could do with my camera. He took my hand and he prayed over my heart and our marriage, our kids and our life.

I have a feeling that memories made on that porch just might hold up a lifetime...

Him and I, our union as husband and wife, we're together solely for His glory. This love of ours, it shapes me, crafts me into this woman that I never imagined I could be. The way he loves me, it takes me to the one true source of love, God Himself, the one who's very being defines love. Man, how I love this man of mine. Grateful that he reminds me that my value, my purpose, my strength, my wisdom all flows freely from the Father. All I need to do is ask, trust, and rest.

The sun has set and I'm reminded that the source of all my needs, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, is nothing more than a whisper away.

Thank you Lord for a husband who gently leads me to you, with a glass of iced tea, and a rocking chair on a porch. :)