Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wedding Of The Year

We piled the kids in The Burb and drove to California last week for a wedding. But not just any wedding. It was one of Joey’s best of friends, one of those guys that he’s known for more than half his life. I’ve hung out with his bride a time or two and she’s a total gem.

But that’s just the thing.
When you’re with them you’re hardly aware of them, and instead your heart is soaking up Christ who is so evidently alive within them. They radiate, HIM.
They’re humble, they’re full of life, they’re kind and gentle in spirit.


The wedding was nothing less than a God-fest, a celebration of what Christ has done in their lives and of what He will continue to do. It was full of symbolism and purpose. She was stunning, of course, and he was overwhelmed by her beauty… when the bells rang from the back of the chapel and the ancient rustic doors opened revealing his Love, radiating in all white, the tears streamed down his cheeks, and his smile took over the chapel. Without a word he told her (and everyone else in that room J) that she was the most beautiful thing that He had ever seen!

Everyone who spoke on their behalf was full of experience and wisdom. For Joey and I, it was a day of renewal and refreshment in our own marriage. The same man who married us nearly eleven years ago, spoke words of wisdom into these two this past Saturday.

My favorite of his well-chosen words…“The character of a man can be known by the countenance of his wife.”

The whole ceremony was a sweet, tender reminder that the adventurous union of marriage has one ultimate purpose, to draw two souls together for the purpose of Christ and Christ alone. Every trial, every triumph, a movement towards the heart of Christ. Every heartache, every gentle hand of forgiveness extended, ALL to make us more like Christ! All that He gives, all that He takes away, all opportunities for us to really know more of His extravagant love for us.

During the reception her dad gave a toast. She has five brothers and one sister. They came to America from Australia nearly 20 years ago. They cleaned houses and raked yards simply to put food on the table. He talked of friends that helped them get a car when they first arrived in Nashville and still more friends who took their entire family out to a Chinese buffet every Sunday afternoon, providing a bottomless meal for several hungry mouths. But they knew that the Lord had a plan to use them all for His glory. And in His faithfulness, He has surely used them beyond what they themselves could have imagined. She sings worship music, and signs record deals with her songs. But more importantly she worships Him with her life.

As her dad shared their story Joey and I couldn’t help but think about the recent years and the journey that the Lord has had us on. How this month marks our first full year in Colorado for us. How in some ways it has been an incredible faith-building year for us. We did not always know how we were going to put food on the table. We did not always know how we were going to pay the bills. My Joey has done every little job under the sun… no job to small. And we have been beyond blessed by family and friends who have walked this long dusty road with us. This year Joey and I have been reminded of His authority over us. Not a demeaning or harsh authority, but tender and constant one. He-has-been-faithful! Never a moment to soon, never a moment to late.

Only a few short months after our own wedding day, I remember a conversation , a prayer, that my Joey and I asked of the Lord... Whatever it takes Lord, in our life together… do whatever it takes to make us more like you, to mold us into your likeness. And for us, it takes getting to that place where we know that we know that we know, that God ALONE is our provider, that God ALONE is fully faithful.

Marriage is this constant walk towards His heart. It’s a means of sanctification. It’s a journey into His holiness.

The Wedding this weekend was somewhat of a marriage retreat for those with eyes wide open.

I can hardly wait to see what the Lord has up His sleeve with these two kids. He has given them both great gifts. And I know that in His faithfulness, He will use them, their lives, their journey, ALL for His Glory!!!

What a weekend! What a wedding! What a blessing!

Introducing for the very first time …

Cubbie and Bec Fink…

My Joey and I... I can't remember the last time I wore shoes that high...

A little bit of cake cutting...

A little bit of toasting...


And a little bit of dancing going on...

Saying goodbye...

Now we’re on our way home. I’m wiped out, beyond tired. Last night my Jeddy was fussy and loud and we were all piled into one hotel room and there was no where to escape. This morning, worn down by all the whining and the crying, overwhelmed by the mess, I was loosing hope that we would ever get home. AS we piled the kids in the car, Jeddy remained screaming in his car seat and I sat in the front seat with my fingers cupping my ears and was sporting a very distinguished frown on my face. Joey got in the car, rested his hand on my thigh and beamed that charming smile of his my way. He looked right into me and said, “We’re gonna make it. We can do this.”And I know what he means each time that he says weThree strands, living this life together… Him and I, and the tender touch of the Holy Spirit working within.. day by day we do make it… drawing closer to each other, and closer to Him. That's what marriage is about... Two hearts on a journey together towards Christ. We muddle our way through, and HE gives joy in what can often feel like a mess.

Congrats friends! Genuine thanks, for letting us be a part of the journey with you. :)