Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Pacific

The clouds rolled in this Tuesday morning. A slight disappointment for my high hopes in getting a tan. And then, God's glory came across the sky in none other than His glorious grace! The sun was soo warm and after we spent the morning at the park with dear friends, the kids and I met up with some more treasure friends who were camping at the beach. Their Mama and I sat together in the sand and caught up on each other's hearts and the kiddos ran Tonka trucks up and down the beach, splashed in the waves, dug holes, and laid long on their bed of sand, soaking up the sun.
I only had my phone with me so I only got a few photos.

Siah found a GIANT piece of seaweed and he carried it all around. I loved loved loved watching my treasures loving the beach. There's nothing better than seeing your kiddos out of the corner of your eye, laughing with friends, admiring the sun setting over the sparkling waves of the endless Pacific. Sometimes God just gives gifts... just because.
Siah came running through the sand and found my eyes...
"Mom, isn't this glorious??"
"Yes, my little love... it sure is." :)

Today was a just because day.
And I loved every minute of it!!!