Monday, January 24, 2011

All Is Grace

'What in the world in all this world is grace?
I can say it certain now; ALL is grace.
I see through the woods of the world. God is always good and I am always loved.
Everything is eucharisteo (thanksgiving).
Because eucharesteo is how Jesus, at the last super, showed us to transfigure all things_ take the pain that is given, give thanks for it, and transform it into a joy that fulfills all emptiness.'

She says it on page 100 of the book that I have been waiting for for weeks,

'ALL... IS... GRACE.'

And I've read it, and thought it, over and over again... is ALL really grace?

And in humility I come to the conclusion...

"But of course! All is most certainly grace."

Each day, each breath, each tender touch from a man I gave my forever commitment to, each gentle whisper in my ear from the three chatting treasures that live in my home & the giggle of the smallest treasure who has not yet found his words.
The candle that burns a heavenly scent into my bedroom... into my safe-haven, the conversation with the wise women who God put into my life to speak continual truth into my soul, the garlic scented french bread that disappeared from my dinner table tonight as My Joey and I sat with our girls and shared a meal... grace, grace, grace... it's all grace.
And knowing that all this life is pure grace, changes everything.
If I see the little things for what they really are, pure grace, then my heart can't help but overflow with tremendous gratitude for even the most seemingly insignificant moments, events, encounters, conversations.

Siah has been under the weather today... When my little ones get sick I must admit that my thoughts tend to go a little extreme and I go down that trail of what-if's...
But today as my son lay his burning hot head in my lap... as I ran my fingers through his hair and whispered prayers over him... I began to pray thanks...
"Thank you Lord for another day... You didn't have to give... but you did.
Thank you Lord for his thin, dirty blonde hair sliding through my fingers... Thank you for his chest going up and down under my palm... thank you for the soft tan blanket that covers us both close on the couch... all is a gift... all is grace.

And if today was the day that you saw fit to take all away... You are still AWAYS good, and I am still ALWAYS loved. If ALL is grace... then even the ugly can be beautiful... Even the deepest heart-wrenching pain can bring us into the place we want to be most, the place where we seek our Savior like nobody's business, the place where we see Him, see His heart in ways that we would never see Him had He not allowed the pain to come. Practice turning that pain into thanks, remembering that ALL IS GRACE!

Thank you that all is grace.

Continuing on towards 1000 gifts...

#84 Treasures in Papa boots and silly faces

#85 Christmas dresses worn well past Chirstmas

#86 A basketball, over-sized shoes, a game in the sunroom, belly laughter all around

#87 Masks, always the creative.

#88 Super heros...

#89 And Super-hero capes...

#90 Happy joy all over his face as he fires up the grill
#91 The smell of the mesquite wood chips burning and filling the snow cold air
#92 The "Here try this, babe." Him sharing his masterpiece with me as he slices up the chicken and throws it on the fetachini alfredo.

#93 A table set by pudgy little treasure hands...
#94 A sink full of dishes, baskets full of laundry, papers, match box cars spread all over the cozy farm house... A home fully alive... joy...

#95 ALL being grace.