Saturday, January 22, 2011


I Love Saturday morning, early. I have my cup of Trader Joes Chai Tea Latte warming up my hands, the best tea treat in the world... with no Trader Joes in these here parts, I savor the two cans I have left in my cabinet and only drink on Saturdays... Hence, why I love Saturdays!

My Jeddy woke up in the wee hours this morning. Stinky diaper smell filled his make-shift room (aka, Papa & my closet). Cleaned that right up, gave a bottle, put back to bed, and the Mama laid there wide-eyed & wondering...

When did I ever start calling him "Jeddy"?
How did these six months fly by so?
Who deserves such grace as I've received in a baby boy like him?

He's SIX months today! SIX!!! Time is a gift... and I'm soaking up every minute of it! :)
He's perfect joy wrapped up in smooth white skin.
He smiles and I melt.
Even his cry tenderizes my heart.

When he rises and I walk up to his bed and peer over, his whole body lights up and he welcomes me with pure delight and the most full-faced smile I have ever seen says, "pick me up Mama... I wanna be in your arms."

It's a rarity that the boy ever feels the need to cry.
He's starting to roll from side to side... Maybe I should switch him out of his pack and play and into a real crib... but why... just a few more weeks I keep telling myself... just a few more weeks in his "new baby" bed, with his new baby smell, in his new baby pj's... just a few more weeks... what's the hurry.

I love when his big blue eyes meet mine... when he stares me up and down in wonder.

He's number four... I'm hesitant to confess, but in all truth he gets a bath once a week... maybe... only if this Mama remembers. Most days I have to stop and consciously ask myself, "When's the last time anyone in this house (besides Papa who spends a good hour in the bathtub each and every morning, it's his way of greeting the day :), has had a bath... and most mental checks leave me counting the days... 2, 3, 4... FOUR... "Oh man, we really need to focus on getting showers today"...

His arrival has taken me for a spin. My sense of control, sense of order, has left the building. And yet his arrival is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. My control is gone, but HIS, finally HIS, the person whom I've wanted to and have needed to hand the control over to for a very long time coming, is finally free to take over... take over our home... take over the planning of our days and making them into what He wants them to be... take over my heart, gently teaching what's really important, and often times it's not what I once thought I would have chosen... like a book on the couch, this Mama surrounded by treasures while the dirty dishes sit in the sink... they'll get done eventually... but this moment, the here, the now, He has given me a chance to hold them close, and to be in wonder with them. My house doesn't look like it used to, but neither does my heart. :)

He's six months old... and they love on him and help this Mama throughout our days together. When I put together the pieces for dinner and he cries hard in his chair, the older ones come prancing in, singing their hearts out, "JEsus LOVES me this I know, for the Bible tells me so..."
And littlest one dries his tears and he laughs. He finds them funny and I find myself grateful for their help and their joy.

He's six months old today...
All's grace...
And I'm thankful for every lasting moment