Tuesday, November 23, 2010

1000 Gifts

I've tried to start this before... it's simple really... nothing intense or extravagant... but oh so life transforming...
You see, when I choose to find the things in my day to be grateful for... When I choose gratitude in all circumstances...

I feel renewed and restored!

And what better week than THANKSGIVING week to begin my list of one thousand gifts... ONE THOUSAND things to remind my oh so human heart, that the Lord has his mighty hand on me and my life in all the moments of my day... It might take me a while to get my list complete... but, for me, it's time very well spent!!

So here it goes...

#1 Sitting on my rocking chair in the late hours of the night and watching the snow flurry lit by the light of the full moon.
#2 Friends like Tara who let me borrow their comfy rocking chair so that I can enjoy the snow in the dark.
#3 Thanksgiving break from school work
#4 Three little treasures bundled up in their snow gear swinging so high they almost touch the sky.

#5 Littlest walking treasure falling in the snow... too bundled up to get herself back on her feet. :)

#6 Two pirates with star shaped glasses making a pirate ship out of our couch.
#6 1/2 (Thankful that Siah's teeth don't really look like that. :)

#7 Hours of work for my hard-working husband.
#8 Gift Cards galore from some folks dear to my heart.
#9 Big Brother playing Legos with little brother while Mama does the dishes.
#10 Laundry_ DONE__ At least for a brief moment in time.
#11 The Thrill on Siah's face when I brought home Spider Man gloves from my trip to Target.
#12 One Happy Happy baby.

... To be continued...