Tuesday, October 19, 2010


If you wanna know what it's like to live with a little Reesie... Well, let me tell you...

SHe's TWO, right????

Last night I told her that she couldn't take her baby doll to bed (not a a new rule! It's the same story every night... NO TOYS IN BED!) And you know what she says to me??? She looks up at me with her little Reesie attitude written all over her face and her hands on her hips and says...
"That's not tool (cool) Mom."
Oh yes she did!

Then... a few days ago I was correcting her about something and I pulled the famous "Mom" line on her, "Look at my eyes, please." And she slowly lifts her head, pulls her cheeks back and full of joyful pride shows me ALL of her teeth, then somehow manages to say, "Yeeeeeessss Mama??"

Yep, this is the face I got!
Could you help but laugh??? Firecracker, pistol, spirited... whatever you wanna call her, she's hilarious! And she keeps me on my toes! Love this little treasure!!!!