Monday, October 18, 2010

3 Months With Jedediah Cyrus

What can I say about this sweet little boy? He is GREAT! And I'm not just trying to be the optimist here! He sleeps like a champ, he eats like a champ. He endures the chaos of this crazy house like a champ!! Halee was care-freely rolling around the living room tonight and her legs accidently found themselves bonking Jed's little head. He LOST it for a whopping 30 seconds and then he was immediately all smiles again! It was weird how easily he was able to turn off the tears and shift gears into FULL joy! But, thus far, it is so Jed to do something like that.

He puts up with tummy time for maybe five minutes at a time, then he makes it quite clear that he's done with that job. :) He's been sleeping from 8-7 each night which is a lovely miracle in my personal opinion! He's eating about 5 ounces at each feeding and he eats at the same times every single day, like clock work. He loves to be held, but he can easily hang out in his swing or on the floor and be just as content. I started putting him in the nursury at church a few weeks ago and he seems to love it. One of his "teachers," Karen, told me that she even got him to giggle for her... which is so not fair because I haven't even really heard him giggle. So the kids and I have been on a mission the past few days trying to get Jed to really laugh... I mean like belly laugh! And so far... no such luck! When we try to tickle him under his arms he often ends up in tears... so we are working on plan B.... not sure what plan B is yet. :)

Jed's gonna be 13 weeks old this Thursday. It's seriously hard to believe that time has passed so quickly. He's chunking up and already wearing 3-6 month clothes. I think I kiss his cheeks a little to much, cuz by the tenth kiss or so, he's starting to pout and kinda turn his head away from me. On that note, I also think that I tell the other kids to often, to "give him space." Last night Papa was talking to Jed and kissing him when Reesie reprimanded him and said, "space Papa... space!" Hilarious! :)

If I was guaranteed another personality like Jed's, I just might, crazy of all crazies, think about having another baby!!! I guess it's a good thing that there are no guarantees! :)

And that is the story of my little guy at three months...

Is he cute or what????