Thursday, September 23, 2010

Quick Update

My kiddos say the silliest things sometimes not because they are trying to be funny but because they are just trying to learn the ENglish language. It cracks me up what they think certain words are. For example, the other morning Halee was praying, "Lord, help me to be kind and not shellfish." :) Doesn't that just want to make you smile???

Well, I've been sick the past few days with a cold and a few other things that have slowed me down. I have to admit that it is SUPER hard to keep up on homeschool and feed a newborn every three hours, and guide, teach, and direct my two year old on days when I'm feeling so under the weather. I have been falling asleep while feeding Jed at night and waking up with his bottle half way out of his mouth and him totally sacked out in my arms. The good news is that he has been sleeping like a champ, giving me 6-8 hour stretches at night... THANK YOU Lord for your sweet grace all over me in that area of my life!!! :)

Joey has been working like a crazy person with a few new companies out here in the Springs which has been a total blessing... so even though I don't always get to see him as much as I would like to, I am soo soo grateful that he even has work in this crazy economy... No complaints here!!! He's also been working on the farm a little bit the past few days, going through the inspection and getting it ready for our upcoming appraisal. We might be able to close by the beginning of October if all goes well. I guess we still have to wait and see what the Lord has up his sleeve?? :)

We're heading out to CA next week for a much needed visit on my part. Joey was going out to do some business stuff and I pretty much begged him to take me and the kids with him. And he joyfully gave into my pathetic pleas! Thanks babe! So CA... HERE WE COME!!! I can't wait to go to the beach, see family and friends, eat my favorite foods and stock up at Trader Joes before we have to head back home. :)

I think that's pretty much the scoop out here right now...

Ta Ta for now...