Friday, September 24, 2010

Three Is My Max; But I Have Four

I'm starting to think that three was my max.
Three was the number that allowed me to still be in control of my life...
which is probably the very reason WHY the Lord has so graciously given me four little treasures.

Three kept me stuck in my own pride... Four makes me brutally aware of my weakness.

Three allowed me to get out of my house on time... four makes me officially a half hour late to any event taking place outside my home.

Three allowed me to keep a clean house... Four leaves me describing my home as either being struck by a tornado or a cyclone.

Three made me think that I could be patient partially in my own strength... Four made it clear that patience is humanly IMpossible!

Three gave me an opportunity to rest each afternoon... Four has given me a taste of what it might be like for a war prisoner to be tortured through sleep deprivation.

With three I never once brought a box of sugar cereal into our home... With four you could have found me this afternoon sitting on the back porch eating Fruit Loops by the fist full (that I had bought for a "school project"... now turned into a delicious afternoon snack!) with my three oldest treasures.

Three could be easily contained with one in each hand and one in the front pack... Four just makes me look like a mother goose with her long line of ducklings waddling behind her trying to keep up with mom.

Three allowed me to rely on my own strength... Four has thrust me into the arms of My Savior almost every minute of everyday.

Three was my max... But four has me right where the Lord wants me...

And for that, I am grateful!