Friday, August 27, 2010

Seriously In Love

Ten years ago I married this boy that I am seriously in love with.

I don't love him because of the things he does for me.
I don't love him because of the things he buys for me.
The reason that I love this man is because of who he is towards me.

He's the man that smiles at me in my worst moments.
He's the man who holds me tight in my saddest moments.
He's the man who walks right by my side in my most fearful moments.
He's the man who makes me laugh in my grouchy moments.
He's the man that I can be 100% me around.
I can say in brutal honesty what's on my mind and he still chooses to love me.
And not just love me on the surface, but love me deeply!

The reason I love this man is because his love for me makes me want to be a better woman.
The reason I love this man is because he never gives up, he never quits, he never loses heart.
The reason I love this man is because he daily showers me with grace.
The reason I love this man is because he lives out Christ's love towards me with his actions and not just his words.
The reason I love this man is because he knows what I'm capable of and he doesn't let me settle for being anything less.

Ten years ago today this man and I committed to a life long love affair with one another. These past ten years have been the absolute best years of my life.
Truly, Sincerely, Genuinely, they have.

We've been through a lot of ups and downs. But the ride has been beyond anything that I could have dreamed of, more exhilarating than I ever could have imagined!

My Joey, I am SERIOUSLY in love with you!
Happy 10th anniversary!
We spent our anniversary soaking up our four amazing kids.
We went to The Mona Lisa in Manitou Springs and had the most amazing dinner while soaking up time with each other.
And our friends, The Peeks got us the most amazing gift ever... They bought us a farm! Well, I guess, technically, we bought it together. :) We found out today, on our tenth wedding anniversary, that the bank accepted our offer. In a few short months we will be moving onto our 10 acre farm with a house for them, a house for us, a giant barn, a few chicken coops, and one creepy looking stable (that I hope to tear down asap!). :)
Who ever would have thought, two kids from a tiny beach town in southern California, would find themselves buying a giant farm with their really great friends just outside the mile-high city in the middle of the country?
I am truly excited... and completely and utterly overwhelmed at the thought...
But more on that later!
For today, I'm celebrating my marriage to the man that I am STILL and ALWAYS WILL BE seriously in love with!