Sunday, August 8, 2010


It is way harder with four treasures around to find time to blog these days.

But here we go...
My Grandma came to town last week. Reesie calls her "Bama" and I never get tired of hearing her say "Bama's" name. It is so stinkin cute! "Bama" loves cookies so Reesie and I made her some home-made chocolate chip cookies that she could have during her week with us.

"Bama" is my mom's mother, and it's always a special time for me when I get to see her. It's usually only once a year or so... and when she comes she spoils me rotten. She cooks for me and holds my babies. She makes me treats and spoils my kiddos with hugs and school supplies and clothes. She reads countless stories to them and just loves on all of us. She's a sweet blessing to me and we had a nice, relaxing week together.

Well, relaxing for the most part...

On Tuesday we attempted to conquer a day at the zoo with all the kids. Let's just say that we made it a whopping 700 yards before we decided to head home. And it took us a good hour and half to make it those 700 yards. We stopped to feed the giraffes... then to feed Jed.... then to feed everyone else. And by then, we were so wiped out that we just left... And when I got home I took a three hour nap.

On Wednesday, "Bama" blessed us and got everything Siah needed to start school in two weeks. We went to two stores and stopped at Chic Fil A for lunch... and that warranted the need for another long afternoon nap.

So Thursday we decided to just stay home. "Bama" made homemade spaghetti sauce and we just hung out with each other. And even though we did pretty much nothing.... I still took "Bama" up on her offer to hang out with Jed for the afternoon so that I could take yet another nap.

When we took "Bama" back to the airport in Friday I felt rested, full, and renewed from all the naps, good food and sweet conversation. But as always, it was sad to say goodbye knowing that it might be a while before I get to see her again.

I didn't get a single picture of "Bama" with my kiddos... Maybe it's because I was to busy selfishly taking naps.... so sorry "Bama."

Soo I thought I'd leave you all with some funny faces... Our little Jed is a man of much expression...

Thanks for coming all the way out to "Kansas Land," Bama! We sure do love you!