Saturday, July 31, 2010

5 Things I LOVE About Having A Newborn

Our little "Jedi..."

There is something super sweet about having a newborn in our home again. Yes, newborns can be trying on the body, but they are like pure water to the soul.
Some things that I love about having a newborn around...

1. I LOVE, LOVE the scent of a newborn. Several times a day I find myself rubbing noses with Jed and taking in his "new life" smell.

2. I LOVE how when he's upset, and his whole body is all tense... I can swoop his tiny body up in my arms and draw him close to my chest, and all of a sudden I can feel his body magically melt into mine... and this sense of calm just takes over him.

3. I LOVE when I look down at the newborn in my arms and I see these eyes (below) looking up at me with wonder.

4. Having a newborn means that there is NO LONGER a baby in my tummy. And what I LOVE about that is that now I can see him, I can touch him, I can admire and study his fearfully and wonderfully made little features.

5. And what I LOVE absolutely the most about having a newborn, is the opportunity that the Lord has given me to pour my heart and soul into another little life. With a newborn everything is new and fresh, without blemish.

Jed is a daily reminder to me that life is "new every morning."
He's innocent.
He's humble, not really by choice, but... he's completely and utterly dependent upon others for every facet of his little life.
He's carefree.
His little life is simple.
He's not yet been bogged down by the things of this world.
He's fragile.
He's tender-hearted.
He's simply precious.
This newborn phase goes by so fast.
I know it won't be long before he attempts to show me his independence,
before he defies me,
before he states his own opinion,
before he purposely bonks his sister in an attempt to repay her for all the times she has already bonked him.
But for now... I am soaking up his innocence, his scent, his purity.
I just LOVE having a newborn in our house!