Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chocolate Cake & My Marriage

So those "three pieces of chocolate cake" that I had yesterday for a "snack"... has now turned into an entire cake devoured... Along with the fruit pizza that my neighbor brought over last night... And oh ya... a "handful" of chewy chocolate chip cookies that I made earlier this week. I have no idea what has gotten into me, but I have eaten more sugary goodness in the last twenty four hours than I think I have in the duration of my entire pregnancy.

But todays post is not about the food... It's actually about my marriage. It's about the Jennifer Lopez Big Bum jokes that Joey was so HILAREOUSLY making last night as I cut myself another slice of chocolate cake. It's about the fact that 10 years into this deal called marriage, I find it to be so refreshing that there is so much trust and so much safety that exists between the two of us that when my Joey cracked joke after joke last night about the chocolate cake "extending" certain parts of my pregnant figure as I took each bite, I found myself rolling on the floor in uncontrolable laughter.

Five years ago, I could imagine a much different scene. I could see myself taking major offense, some intense fellowship rising up between the two of us, and my own insecurities over taking me. But last night there was shear joy in my heart as I sat on the couch. I'd take a bite, he'd crack a joke, and then I would laugh so hard that I thought that our little guy was going to fall right out on the floor... then I'd take another bite and the whole thing would start all over again.

Eventually the madness ceased and Joey fell asleep on the couch with his head in my lap and I started thinking about some of the things that we have been through in our marriage. I thought about the ways that each of us have changed, mainly for the good. I feel like at this point I can see things a lot more clearly than I was able to when we first got married. I took offense to so many things those first years. I took many things personally and assumed many times that Joey's actions were meant to hurt me... I couldn't have been more wrong. That man of mine loves me to pieces. It's so obvious! And when I choose to remember how things really are between us instead of allowing the enemy to convince me that Joey is being mean and that we aren't really meant for each other, then the two of us are able to create these great memories that I will be forever grateful for... like siting on the couch, eating chocolate cake with my man, and laughing so uncontrollably that I nearly delivered out little treasure a few weeks too early!

I know that sometimes Time can bring pain and heartache. But equally as often Time can develop something so sweet that you never even knew that it even existed.

We have so much more to learn in this thing called marriage. The fact is we are still only in the beginning stages... but we have made some great memories in our ten years together... and sometimes those joy-filled memories came from moments that we least expected they would.

Anyone up for another piece of chocolate cake???? :)