Monday, June 21, 2010

The End Is Near

You know how I know that the end is drawing near????

I ate three pieces of homemade chocolate cake for a "snack" today...

I can hardly stand to get dressed anymore...

I have been living in my pajamas for days now...

And when I do bother to get dressed it's usually a toss up between my favorite black, flow-y skirt and my stretchy black dress (it's to hot to wear anything else!)

I also know that the end is in sight because I keep finding myself taking brief retreats to my room to prevent myself from snapping at my precious children... I guess you could say that I have been running a little bit short on patience... It's HOT... I'm very round... And there's a crazy little boy who rarely stops moving in my tummy... But still... there's no excuse for being grouchy... I'm working on it... I really am. :)

I know the end is in sight because I have been project woman lately.... I am working on redoing another piece of furniture that we have to get ready for the baby...

I have wanted to clean out every nook and cranny in our little house, even though we just moved in and there really isn't that much to clean out.

I know that the end is near because my pregnancy mask is in full bloom all over my face and even my already existing stretch marks are starting to get stretched out (if that's even possible :).

The end of pregnancy is always bitter sweet for me. I am so done with being circular and tight and uncomfortable... But at the same time I know that I am so close to meeting another amazing Clark treasure... holding him so closely in my arms... soaking up his newborn smell... gazing upon the details of his every feature. So even though I am somewhat annoyed with the way that I feel, I am ignoring that feeling and am choosing to be head over heals in love with the fact that we have only a few short weeks until we meet our precious treasure! :) Yipee!!!!

So here I am...35 weeks and counting!!!

Which means that our little guy will be here in no more than 4 weeks!

Hip Hip Hooray!!!!