Monday, June 28, 2010


I am so grateful for SUMMER! The warm weather lifts my spirits effortlessly! I am soaking it up to the absolute max knowing that winter weather will be here before we know it! If the sun is out we are outside. And we are eating all the treats and sweet delights that come with summertime.

My sweet mother in law sent me an ice cream maker for my birthday and I made the most delicious homemade strawberry ice cream this week. It was rich and creamy, and just plain lovely!

A couple of days ago we went to Garden of the Gods with Tara and AJ and Vivy to take some fun pictures of Viv for her first birthday! (Which is just crazy that she is already one, because I remember like it was seriously last week that Tara and Adam brought her through our front door for the first time!) Anyways, we took a zillion pictures of Viv, but I also took a few of my own treasures as well...

Try not to be to jealous of my belly... :)

I love being able to "send" my kids outside to play. There is just so much space around us and the kids just explore! Siah's friend Campbell came over last friday and spent the day with us. We blew up our little swimming pool and the kiddos played in the front yard for a few hours. Then the boys rode their bikes across the street in the field for awhile. Reesie rode her bike around the driveway. And I sat in a chair in the middle of the driveway and fed Campbell's little sister Reese, who is adorable! She's four months old, and loving on her for the day got me super excited to hold our newest treasure in my arms super soon!!!!!

I have been so blessed by all the treats of summer... the warmth, the fresh juicy farm-stand fruit, the kiddos laughing and playing in the water, wearing light cotton dresses, home-made ice cream, good friends, BBQ's... LOVE IT!

Happy Summer!