Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Second Violin

The past few days have had their fair share of yuckiness. Joey was sick with the flu for three long days. Halee got it yesterday. I got a very insignificant version of it yesterday as well. So far, Siah and Reesie have managed to get away free and clear. This past weekend was the first weekend that I have felt a major longing for familiarity. It has been cold so we haven't been outside much. And even though Joey was only ten feet down the hall, he was feeling awful, and to me, it felt like he was a million miles away. He was more than sweet to me, even though he was sick. But I think I have these expectations that the weekends will be wonderful because we'll get to be together. And when we couldn't be, it was quite a bummer.

But today, EVERYONE is on the up and up, and I woke up this morning to the following thoughts from A.W. Tozer...

He told a story of a man who was playing second violin in an orchestra. He told of how that man was satisfied with being second. Then he told of how if it were him, he would not eat, or sleep until he had become first violinist... then director, then composer, etc...

Then I read these words...

"We have been offered not the directorship of a great orchestra, but glory and truth unsearchable. We have been offered the glory of Christ and the face of God. We have been offered holiness and righteousness and indwelling by the Spirit. We can have our prayers answered and have hell fear us because we have a hold on God who invites us to draw on his omnipotence. We are offered all this, and yet we sit and play second violin without ambition."

I was talking to my precious friend Milly yesterday and she so sweetly reminded me that this time in my life... this new town... these new friendships... these extra times alone... are a sweet opportunity to fall even more in love with my sweet Savior. And she's right!

Lord, don't let me be satisfied with second violin. Thank you for this time in my life. Strengthen me to run in such a way that I might be all that You want me to be, for your glory! When I feel lonely, remind me that you have given me "glory and truth unsearchable. You have offered me holiness and righteousness and the indwelling of your Spirit. You answer my prayers." :)

May I run the race that you have set before me as if to win the prize. :) No second violin for me please. :)


Some photos just for fun. :)

My sick Hal doesn't even look very sick. She really somehow manages to find joy in most circumstances (which is one of the things that I really love about her!) She DOES NOT like throwing up, so she'll keep it in as long as she possible can. After she finally let it all out last night, Papa put her in the tub while I cleaned up the mess. When I went in to check on her she looked up at me with a beaming smile and said, "I think I would like to have a bean burrito please!" :) Needless to say I offered her two tiny spoonfuls of delicious apple sauce instead and she took me up on it. :) Silly girl. :)

Meanwhile... Siah and Reesie have been keeping themselves entertained. Today it was gorgeous outside but still pretty cold. So they bundled up and spent an hour together in the dirt.

My little boy is gonna be 5 years old next week. Doesn't he look old????

And Reesie-piece is quickly come up on the big 2! Only two and half more months!!! Which means baby brother is well on his way. (Which, by the way, we get to see him tomorrow at our first ultrasound out here.)

Ta Ta for now...