Sunday, April 18, 2010


Things are changing around here...

Siah has a difficult time with change. One night when we lived in the giant house on the hill, someone set the table differently than the way we normally sat at the table and Siah more or less lost it. He couldn't stand the idea that we would sit somewhere besides our normal seat. So, I have been going overboard in watching out for Siah in this move to CO... change is hard for our firstborn. And although he is not acting out in a negative way at all it is obvious to me that the change is getting to him.

He has wanted to be alone often. Last Wednesday he got up from his nap, had a snack, colored for awhile, then got done from the table and spent the next 45 minutes just laying on his bed alone in his room. I would check on him often and he would jst say, "I'm fine. I'm just taking a break." On friday morning he was playing at AJ's house with all the other kids and I was cooking at our house. After being there for a short time he came back home and told me that it was to loud over there and he just needed some "quiet time."

I know how he feels cuz I feel the same way a lot of times. I love the comfort of home, of my own room, of my own bed. I love the chance to escape to some place quiet when everything around me starts to sound and feel chaotic.

Another thing that Siah does when there is a lot of change is ask a zillion questions. He asks about "our old house" ALL THE TIME! He asks about Jesus ALL THE TIME! He asks about heaven and about death. Then yesterday he asked me, "How do my thoughts get here? How do I think about the the things that I think about?" So I looked up a picture of the inside of his head. I showed him a picture of his brain and read him the little description that was next to the picture. I tried to explain to him that he has lots of body parts under his skin. He just looked at me all weird. So I looked up a picture of the human body on the internet and read him everything that was on that page as well. And the crazy thing is that he completely soaked it all in because that day at lunch we were with Tara and he totally reiterated several of the things that I had read to him that morning about his brain and the human body.

Anyways, in the midst of all the questions about home and everything else, he has told me several times too that he loves his new house. He tells me about how much he loves our "giant" backyard... how he loves riding his bike in the field in front of our house... How he loves his new church... and how he loves his new friend, Campbel.

One of the things that I have loved about this move is the closeness that I have felt with Siah. We've been buds during this whole transition and I am soaking it up because I know that he will go through many seasons when he feels closer to others and not as close to me. But for now I am enjoying the hugs, the questions, the invitations to make robots out of legos, and read a million books. It's a sweet time with me and my son... and I love that we can go through this change together.

Here's Siah with the robot that we built together out of legos yesterday while Papa was sick. :)

Another change that I am loving to watch is the friendship that is developing between the girls. Reesie's growing up. She can play almost anything that Halee can play. She takes care of her dolls, has tea parties, cooks in her kitchen. She let's Halee tell her what to do and how to play. Yesterday they played for hours together in their playroom while Siah and I hung out in the living room.

Here they are playing in the kitchen. And yes, they are "microwaving" their baby. :) Lovely. :)

The older kids are learning to include Reesie as she grows and can do more stuff with them. It's a process cuz they're used to playing so well with one another. We talk often about the blessing that they are to one another and about how GOd has given them each other as a gift to one another. And they get it. Sometimes I"ll over-hear Siah telling Halee when they are fighting about something, "We need to bless each other. God gave us each other as a blessing."

Yesterday, Siah kept Reesie entertained with a magic carpet ride, up and down our hall way.

There's a lot of change going on in our lives... And I am enjoying the process. :)