Saturday, April 10, 2010

Better Late Than Never

So, last Sunday... April 4, 2010 my precious Halee Jayden turned 4 years old!!!! I love to write my treasures a little note each year to remind them of what a gift their birthdays are to me and their Papa. I know I'm a little late this year but there have been just a few things going on this past week. :) Better late than never, right???

So here it goes...

My sweet little Hal is one of the absolute biggest blessings in my life! Seriously!

She is over the top joyful about most things. Most days, when I tell her what we're having for dinner (even if I know it's not her favorite thing) she almost always responds with, "MMMM! I LOVE that Mom! That's my favorite!!"

She is by far the most polite little girl ever. She rarely forgets to ask me for things by saying, "May I please..." And she thanks me for everything all the time. It really blesses my heart. I usually thank her back for being so thankful. :)

She's got a sweet, tender spirit about her. The other night we had company over and I was correcting her gently (there is never a need to speak in a harsh way to Hal. She feels guilty the moment you start to correct her) about something that she had done at the table. And all of a sudden her little lip started to quiver and tears started to fall down her face and she just kept repeating, "I'm sorry mom. I'm so sorry mom." I just hugged her and said, "It's okay. You just need to make it right with Jodi because you were rude to her." She made it right then sat in my lap for some time before she felt secure enough in herself again to get up and go play with the other kids. I have a feeling she gets that ultra sensitive side from her Mama. :)

She's definitely the most obedient little one in the Clark house. When I call her to come, she nearly always responds with, "Coming Mommy"... as she prances down the hallway towards me.

She loves to sing at the top of her lungs. Some of my favorites are when she sings Jesus Loves Me and The Bear Necessities (from the Jungle Book movie.) You should listen to her try to pronounce the word necessities... It just might be one of the cutest things that you ever hear!!

She's still the girliest of girly girls. She still loves pink EVERYTHING... And princess EVERYTHING. It's so fun for this Mommy heart. I love when she asks me to paint her fingers and toes. I love when her face lights up and she starts jumping up and down because of a new dress that she got or new "princess" shoes, or whatever. She's overflowing with joy and I love it!!!

This girl is a real treasure! And I'm blessed beyond words that the Lord has allowed her to be MY treasure!!!

A most HAPPY HAPPY Birthday to you my sweet little girl!!!!! Man, how I love you!!!!

Here's a few pictures from her birthday morning. :) You should have seen her face when she heard that all that pink princess stuff sitting on the floor was just for her!!! I wish I would have captured it on film!