Saturday, April 10, 2010

Silly Siah

Siah has been saying the silliest stuff all day today and I just wanted to write a few things down.

He's still processing what it means to have Jesus in his heart so he asks me stuff all the time about Jesus. The other day he asked me, "Mom, does Jesus have Jesus in his heart? How can he have himself in his own heart?" I told him that that was a good question to ask Uncle Jason. :)

Today in the car Halee was asking when she was gonna get to SEE Jesus. I told her that we don't get to actually see him we just have to believe that he is alive and well in our hearts. Then Siah pipes in with his curious mind, "Mom. If Jesus is in our heart, when we're walking, does he bounce around in there? I mean, our legs go up and down when we walk. So does Jesus go up and down in our hearts when we walk?"


A few minutes later (conversation topics change quickly around here :), we were talking about rhyming words. I was telling the kids that rhyming words are words that END in same sound... like Boo/Moo or Sky/Pie. And Siah takes a stab at and says, "Like Chick/Dick?" And of course his extremely immature mother starts laughing with her out of control pregnant lady laugh. And Siah says, "Mom. What's so funny? Do those words not rhyme?" ... "No son, they rhyme just fine... It's just... out of all the rhyming words that you could have picked." :)


I can imagine that years from now, I'm going to look back on these blog posts and wonder why I ever thought some of these things were even funny at all. But today, they made me laugh... and some made me laugh REALLY hard. :) I just love soaking up my little treasures and the things that they say. :)