Friday, April 9, 2010

A New Kind of Paradise

We never made it out into the snow the other day because by the time we got ourselves together enough to go outside, the snow had already melted. I have a feeling that that's the way it's gonna be around these here parts... Because today... was ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!!!! The kids spent most of the day playing outside.

All this wide-open space is so new to them. We came from living on a blind corner in a neighborhood where every spare inch was taken up with houses, where the kids had very distinct boundaries as to where they could play. Out here... on the other hand... There is sooo much space. I tried encouraging Siah to ride his bike all over the dirt fields in front of our house. He would ride on them but he would only go a short distance and then turn around and come back. They just aren't used to such expansive boundaries! I know they'll get the hang of it soon.

They had the best time just exploring the marsh, climbing in and out of the trailer that now sit on the side of our house, and finding sticks and rocks, and the like. At one point Siah came to me while I was sitting on the back porch watching them play and said, "Mama, where's Halee? I've just gotta show her this AMAZING stick I found." It made me laugh. He was fascinated by a stick... a STICK. :)

It was another glorious day in the country though. While we were riding bikes the kids saw several horses galloping by. We took a long dirt road to dinner tonight to a pizza place called Fargos, where the waitresses are all dressed in old-fashioned western dresses. And when we got home we saw a gorgeous deer standing about ten feet from our back porch. Not to mention that the sunsets here over the mountains are beyond beautiful. I might even be able to say that they are better than CA sunsets on the ocean. :)

It was just another blessing of a day...

Here are a few pictures of our fun...

Siah is getting soo good on his two-wheeler. He's not afraid to try new things on it and I love watching his confidence and even his pride in himself as he rides super fast and goes up and hills, though the dirt, and off the curbs.

Hal was having a good old time as well...

Poor little Reesie woke up from her nap with a little fever so she pretty much sat in my lap most of the afternoon... but we managed to get some smiles out of her too. :)

All the kids venturing out into the great wide open.

Hal trying out her scooter on the dirt.

Hal's been doing this goofy smile every time I ask her if I can take her picture... Oh well... she's still adorable. :)

I just loved this picture of Hal and her Papa.

Siah on his bike again.

Joey pulled out the mini bike and all the kids crowded around him and took turns riding on it with him.

Reesie and The Mama.

Hal's turn to ride with Papa.

And this is the deer that we saw in our backyard. I took the picture through our sliding glass door so it's not as clear as I was hoping for.

I already love the mini adventures that my treasures are finding themselves on. This place... the town... the back yard... the open plains... our home... It really is blessing this Mommy-heart of mine. :)