Thursday, February 18, 2010

Woohoo!!!! Yeah SIah!!!

Tuesday was just GORGEOUS down here is sunny CA. We took a walk by the beach with the kids. Hal road her scooter and I pushed Reesie in the stroller. We brought Siah's bike without training wheels. There's a long path by the beach. And after about twenty minutes with Joey's help Siah totally started riding all by himself!!!! It was awesome!!!

Before we started our walk, as we were getting out of the car Siah said, "Mom, when I can ride my bike all by myself you're gonna say, 'WooHoo' really loud, and cheer for me right?"

OF COURSE!!! I will most definitely be cheering for you my little man!!!!

Here he is... check him out!

Way to go Siah!!! You're getting so big, so fast! :)