Monday, March 1, 2010

This Is Me... NOT Complaining :)

I made a vow before I got pregnant this time. I told Joey and the Lord that if I was blessed to get pregnant again that I would NOT COMPLAIN.

I would not constantly question why my bum seems to be growing at a more rapid pace than my belly... or wonder why those lovely "love handles" on either side of my body are quickly turning into truely defined "handles."

I would not complain about the tiredness, the fatigue, the exhaustion, the inability to keep my eyes all the way open a large portion of the day.

I would not make it known that although the Lord has shown me several times that no matter the outcome of this pregnancy that I will be ok, but I still worry... like A LOT!

If the Lord allowed me to be pregnant just one more time, I would not complain about all the foods that just smell absolutely atrocious to me... not to mention that my husband also seems to have this really distinct scent about him when I am pregnant that does NOT resemble the smell of anything sweet, like roses.

I promised to never mention the fact that I am more than slightly uncomfortable when I (attempt to) sleep at night.

But instead... If I was given just one more chance to be pregnant, then I would choose to wallow in the joy of knowing that there is a little life in me... gettting bigger by the second it seems. I would choose gratitude instead of discontent. I would choose to let the Lord shower peace over me. I would choose to bathe myself in the truth that I am blessed beyond measure.

So this is me... 19 weeks pregnant and NOT complaining!


So maybe I'm not as good at being true to my vow as I would like to be... but I promise that I'm trying. I'm really really trying. :)


*I know that I have not posted pictures of the kiddos in quite some time... truth be told I haven't really taken any. But I'll get on that soon I hope.
*Only three weeks left until we move. Believe it or not I have actually gotten some packing done. We still don't have a place to live but we are looking... so that's kinda fun. :)
*I am just getting over another cold and am so grateful that I have not had to blow my nose even once today.
*All three kids are actually sleeping right now which is super LOVELY!
*We still have no names for this little one in my tummy.
*And that' us right now. :)

Until next time... :)