Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's February... Where Have We Been???

Is it seriously February already?
How did that happen?
Where have we been????
I think about writing often... but then... well, it just doesn't happen.
Truthfully, there's not a whole lot to report. We have been fighting all sorts of different illnesses around here. I catch stuff, the kids catch stuff, then I catch stuff again. It's a big bummer but God has used those days to help me learn how to better accept help from others... something I'm not all that good at.
When I'm not sick with something, we have been trying to visit with friends, catch up on housework, and somehow conquer the mounds of laundry that seem to be over taking my life.

The kids are doing just fine.

My favorite memory about Siah in these past few weeks happened at CBS (A Bible study that we go to each Wednesday). Siah's teacher often has kind things to say about Siah. Last week when I went to pick him up after class, one of his teachers pulled me aside and told me that Siah was telling the whole class how they could ask Jesus into their hearts. He told them how Jesus died on the cross for their sins and how they just needed to tell Jesus that they loved him and ask him to come live in their hearts. He then told them that they would then have to love Jesus forever.
After she told me about his "mini-sermon," I asked Siah if he had told his teacher about what he did the week before. Then with his most exuberant joyful voice he proclaimed, "I asked Jesus to come into my heart! He's my friend now!"
Then his teacher and I both stood there and cried tears of joy... I told her I had no idea why I was crying again... but if you wanna know the truth, every time I hear Siah telling people about Jesus being in his heart my eyes get a little watery.

My favorite memory about Hal these past few weeks is her running around the house with her brother (Siah), and her pretty-much brother (AJ), in their capes, pretending to be super heros...


And the big news about Reesie is that... for the first time ever... we put her hair in her very first ponytail! I know... things are pretty exciting around here! :)

Oh... and for the very first time... in our bathroom while brushing her hair, Reesie told me, "Wi Wuv Wu Mama!" Did you catch it?? On her own initiative she told me she loved me!!! Who could ask for anything more???? :)


Yes, It's February and I still have a pile of Christmas cards sitting on my counter that I haven't had a chance to mail yet....
Yes, we're moving across the country in seven short weeks and I haven't even bothered to think about packing a single box...
And Yes, I'm 15 weeks pregnant with baby #4, and quickly realizing that I'm not nearly as in control of my daily life as I once thought I was. :)
It's February and I hope to pop onto this blog a little more frequently and keep y'all updated on the absolutely thrilling events of our lives. :)

So... There ya have it!!! :)