Friday, January 22, 2010

THE BEST day of my life!!!

Today was hands down the best day of my life....

Siah has been asking me about heaven lately. He doesn't want to go there because he'll miss his friends too much and on top of that he has informed me several times that he is NOT Jesus' friend. He doesn't want to be his friend because he thinks that by being his friend he will have to die and leave everyone and go be with Jesus in heaven. We have clarified this misunderstanding of his countless times... and this week I believe with my whole heart that the truth about Jesus is starting to sink in.

Today at lunch Siah brought up heaven and hell again and in his very "Siah way" he informed me that he now wants to be Jesus' friend and that tonight at bedtime he was going to ask Jesus to come into his heart.

Each night before the kids go to bed Joey reads them the Bible and prays with them. I had told Joey about the conversation that I had had earlier with Siah just to give him a heads up. So we put Reesie to bed and sat on the couch with the two older kids. We read through Romans 3 with them and asked them questions about Jesus and sin and forgiveness and God's great love for them. And before we even had a chance to ask them if they wanted to ask Jesus into their hearts sweet little HALEE breaks out in prayer... Completely on her own and in her own sweet words... "Jesus I want you to come into my heart? Will you be my friend. I believe you die on the cross for my sins. I love you forever!"

Of course tears started streaming down my face...

Then little Siah..

We asked him if he wanted to ask Jesus into his heart... we told him he didn't have to... we told him he should only ask Jesus into his heart if HE really wanted to... He said, "Yeah, I want Jesus to be my friend and to live in my heart." So Joey led him in a short little prayer. They were both so excited and ran to tell Adam and Tara that Jesus now lived in their hearts.

I was a bit overwhelmed with my own joy and emotion that I realized that I hadn't really told the kids that today just happened to be the best day of my life. SO after they had already gone to bed I went into their room and told them how excited I was that Jesus was in their hearts and that there were angels rejoicing in heaven because of their decision to be Jesus' friend. And my deep-thinking Siah asks, "Do those angels who are singing and clapping for us live in California? I don't think so, cuz I can't hear them." :)

To me it seems unfathomable that their little three and four year old minds can even grasp what it means to believe in Jesus and give their lives to Him. But tonight I had a thought that they might even get it more than I do. They want Jesus to live inside of them and they aren't afraid to ask five minutes after the fact, if his angels live in California. Isn't true that we often think we have to have it all together and have all the answers before we can even present ourselves to God? But God just wants us to confess with our mouths that Jesus Christ is Lord and believe in our hearts that God raised him from the dead. That's it... confess and believe!! Nothing more... nothing less! I think that's exactly what Jesus loves about children.

Yipee! Hooray! WOOOHOOO!!! THis really was the absolute best day of my entire life!!!

Welcome to the Kingdom my most precious treasures!!!! :)