Thursday, October 1, 2009

Updates & Hilariousness

OKAY, So i seriously have a HILARIOUS kid on my hands... He says the funniest things but most of the time he has NO IDEA that he's saying anything funny at all... I like to write them on our blog because, truth be told, I have the most atrocious memory and if I didn't write things down I probably would forget... So here are just a few from this past week.

We were at the bagel shop with the kids before church, and Siah was eating his bagel and looking at this picture on the wall...

Then he blurted out, "Hey Papa. Is that a picture of you up there on that wall?" Which is hilarious within itself... But it's even funnier if you look really close at the comment cloud in the middle of the picture... It says, "It was my stomach's idea." And if you know my Joey at all, you know that that is the absolute perfect caption for him.

The conversation continued...
Papa asked Siah, "Do you really think that looks like me Si?"
Siah matter of factly, "Yep. Yes I do."
So there you have it...Isn't Papa handsome? :)


Then a couple days later at the dinner table Siah was giving us updates on Bob. You know things like, what he did for work that day... who he hung out with... what kind of car he drives... and what he likes to eat. Then we asked him what Bob was having for dinner that night.

And Siah casually responded, "MexiCANS."
Mama, "WHAT? Bud, Mama is a Mexican. Does Bob eat people?"
Siah, "Oh no Mama, you know, like bean burritos, quesadillas, like that."
Mama, "Buddy, that's Mexican food, not MexiCANS! You probably shouldn't go around telling people that Bob eats Mexicans. Okay?"


In other news, Bob is back from the Heaven. Remember this post? Well, it turns out that Bob's surfing accident did not result in him going to heaven but instead the shark somehow managed to get Bob all the way to Africa on his surf board. So I guess Bob is not dead after all... He's just on a really long vacation really far away. (Man, this boy of mine has some imagination hey?)

And while we're doing some updates... Remember this post? Well my sweet in-laws so gently informed me that there is no such thing as a male cow. I guess I'm more of a city girl than I care to admit.

And the finale of info on the clark crew...
Is that I went on a lovely date with my Joey last night.
We went to Pizza Port (the most fabulous pizza that you'll EVER eat!) with our friends Ed and Patrice and drove with them up to LA to a small venue called The Mint to see our friend Cubbie play in a band.

We took this absolutely stunning picture with Joey's phone in the back seat of Ed's truck on our way up to the show.
The kids had a sleepover at my parents house... So I slept in till 8am. I had three hours this morning all alone in the giant house on the hill. I should have enjoyed every minute of it but in all honesty it was kinda weird being alone in this big old house. I just tried to busy myself with silly things until my treasures got home from Granny and Gramps' house. When they rang the doorbell I was so excited to see them that ran down the hallway as fast as I could and swept all of them up in my arms!!!

As I closed the front door behind me after Granny and Gramps drove away, I saw Reesie toddling down the long hallway to our living room and I said a little prayer under my breath... "Lord please bring us another little treasure REALLY SOON!"

And that is that! You have just read the complete update on our little family!
Toodles for now... :)