Friday, September 25, 2009

Oh Yes I Did!!!!

A mini miracle happened in our house last night... Crazy of all crazies, I actually made a dress... Two dresses to be precise. The truth is that I have never really sewn anything before in my life. But lat night our friend Krista came over and showed Tara and I how to make the cutest little dresses EVER! (Ok, maybe not EVER... but pretty close to the cutest ones EVER!)

When my mom passed away (8 years ago this month.. wow...hard to believe it's already been that long) I inherited her sewing machine. It turns out that her machine is quite ancient. It was a bit complicated and we weren't able to get it working last night so Krista was kind enough to share hers with me. (Thanks friend :).

I am so stoked that we have our super long table that Adam and Tara bought when we moved into the house on the hill. It was big enough for all three of us to have plenty of space.

I like this picture because it makes me look like I actually might be a good sewer... But we all know the truth... I really have no clue. More than once last night I sewed things on the wrong way, backwards, and upside down. Oh well... It turned out in the end... Just don't look to closely at my seams. :)

Krista helped us figure out the measurements that we would need for each of our girls and cut out all the pieces that we would need.

It took us four, fun-filled hours to finish all three dresses for our three girls...

There was a lot of ironing involved... and since I don't even own an iron I had to re-familiarize myself with the whole concept of ironing... :)

This is Reesie's...

This is Hal's...

And this is Vivy's...

I seriously can't believe that I managed to make a dress that actually fits and actually looks cute. I have always been intimidated to use my sewing machine, but it turns out that it's not nearly as difficult as it looks. If I could do it, trust me, anyone could do it!

If you'd like to download the pattern for the dress you ca get it off of this website. The instructions are simple and easy to follow. She even has pictures of each step to help make the process even easier.

Thanks sweet Krista for spending your night at the big house on the hill and helping Tara and I become sewing professionals!!! You are a sweet blessing my friend! Yes YOU ARE! :)

Leaving comfort for courage often times brings BEAUTIFUL results!!!!

Don't you think????