Friday, September 25, 2009

Joyfully Overwhelmed

It's been a full "Mommy" week... We've been way more busy than I am used to being. I really enjoy the carefree pace of this time in my life with my many small treasures. On most days we don't HAVE to be anywhere specific. But in the past few days we have been to Legoland, the Zoo, CBS, our small group, a farm & the park. I hosted a baby shower at my house & delivered a meal to a dear friend who lost her precious baby this week. I've made my way through heaps of laundry, cleaned three bathrooms, (*Note to self... Next time we move, find a house with less bathrooms. The fewer we have the less I have to clean :). I've prepared countless meals for my family and scrubbed down the floors, counters and tables in attempt to hide the evidence of those never ending meals.

And although it's true of me that sometimes complaints fall out of my mouth about the monotony and weariness that sometimes come with my line of work, the truth is that I really, really, really love being a mom.


On Sunday we had a baby shower at our house for my friend Katie. She is pregnant with baby #6. She is an amazing mom to five fearfully and wonderfully made treasures. And four of us friends wanted to give her an afternoon of REST before her sixth treasure arrives. Heidi and Diane put together this "Celebration of Motherhood" idea that they found online. I must admit that when I first heard we were going to do a "Celebration of Motherhood," I wasn't really sure about the whole thing... But let me share with you that this shower was one of the sweetest afternoons of my whole Mommy life.

There are so many details that I could share here but I'm going to stick to just a few... We had great food... good music... close, real friends... A giant, red lazy-boy recliner for the pregnant mommy in the center of the room.
One friend gave a pedicure, another gave a massage. And all the little girls put flowers from our garden in the guest of honor's hair...

And as the mommy-to-be got pampered from head to toe, each guest shared a gift from the heart. It was so cool! I had no idea how personal and heart warming each gift would be. Some people shared personal stories; some were funny, some were emotional but encouraging. Some ladies shared scripture.

But this one special friend wrote a poem. I loved it so much that I asked her if she could email it to me.
So I get to share it with all of you...

"What did I sign up for?
I’m sure it wasn’t this!
With so many demands on me
That I cannot dismiss.

I’m overwhelmed!

Why is this sock in the freezer?
No, don’t feed him that!
Oh, here’s some unknown excrement
Hidden in my hat!

I’m overwhelmed!

The blessings – they are plenty,
But with six mouths to feed,
A husband to please, a house to clean,
It seems a surplus of deeds.

I’m overwhelmed!

But just to slow down time a bit,
In the midst of the things to do,
And realize I’m not alone
These things the Father foreknew.

I’m overwhelmed!

Gratitude floods in now,
You’ve blessed me beyond measure.
This life, my family and friends
Are surely a great treasure.

I’m overwhelmed!

All powerful Creator
You hold me in your hand
That you would take pleasure in my work
I cannot understand

I’m overwhelmed!

My cup, it overflows now
With your peace and grace
Your joy, it overtakes me
As I look upon your face.

I’m overwhelmed!

Eternal rewards await me
I look forward to the prize
“My good and faithful servant”
He says, looking into my eyes.

I’m overwhelmed!"

What a genuine, beautiful picture of motherhood, hey?

Before each person shared their gift from the heart they lit one of these cute little candles that smelled like chocolate. By the time everyone was done sharing, the whole room smelled like a homemade chocolate cake had just come out of the oven... It added a lovely touch I thought. :)

The thing is... Moms need encouragement... and not just a little bit of encouragement... but instead a constant flow of it... a free flowing fountain of it. There is so much, often unseen, yet mighty mighty purpose in our line of work. Motherhood is a heart job.

Sunday's shower was an afternoon of blessing that every mom needs. It's how all new little treasures should be celebrated. Sunday was a celebration of life and of mommy-hood. It was full of blessing and great joy. It was simply delightful!


Then Monday rolled around... and another aspect of motherhood overcame our little group of mommy friends. As a mom we most certainly love MUCH... but with much love there can be much pain. One of our most treasured friends lost her sweet treasure on Monday afternoon. And although she was only 9weeks along we have all had plenty of time to fall in love with another Haynes baby. When you are a mom, it does not matter if you carry your baby in your belly for a short time, or if you live to see your child celebrate their 50th birthday, that little little treasure will always consume your heart. That little treasure will always be a part of your story, a part of your testimony of God's faithfulness in creating a timeline of events that he has graciously carried you through with each little treasure, in order to draw you nearer to himself.

Often times there is joy... Sometimes there is pain... But always there is Jesus...
My friend who just lost her baby ended her latest email update as follows...

"Please continue praying that I would obey God's precious word and be joyful in hope, patient in affliction and faithful in prayer as I go through this healing process and cling to the Lord for He is GOOD and His love endures forever."

Those are the eyes that I want to have as I go through my daily work as a mother to my many small treasures...
This past week I have been joyfully overwhelmed with my life...

These are all my treasures when they were brand new...