Saturday, June 13, 2009

Just Another Day In Paradise

We got up this morning to the smell of Papa making blueberry pancakes in the kitchen. I love Saturdays because we get to spend the whole day with Papa. In fact we all love when Papa is home. 
We packed up the crew and took a drive. Papa and I talked about things that matter, while Reesie took a nap and the older two played quietly in the back seat.  We ended up at the Oceanside Harbor, checked out the boats, played on the playground, saw some seals and took a long walk along the beach. 

We ate at our usual weekend spot, Chic Fil A. (Or as Halee would say, "Chic-a-lay.") 

I have been praying for the past few mornings that the Lord would show me His Glory each day. I confess that sometimes I feel like our daily routine... wake up, eat, clean up, eat, clean up, nap, eat, eat, clean up, bed... does not naturally allow me to see God's glory. But it's a good thing that God doesn't work off of what I feel. Because even though my life with my MSC doesn't always feel glorious, or spiritually deep, I know that God wants to show us His glory, all the time.

 I have been reading about and thinking through the word "abide" lately.  God's Word says, "the one who says he abides in Him ought himself to walk in the same manner as He walked." (1 John 2:6). Jesus was always walking in the glory of the Father. So I too, even though I am in a season of changing diapers, making a lot of food, and cleaning up a lot of messes, am able to abide with The Lord daily... and see him in all his glory.

All this to say, we were at Chi-Fil-A today and I got to talking with a lady sitting in the booth behind us. To be honest I have no idea how we got on the topic but somehow she started sharing with me about her dear friend that just found out that her baby had trisomy 18. Her friend was trying to decide whether or not they should terminate the pregnancy. I was able to share with her all the things that the Lord had brought us through with our twins. In the middle of Chic-Fil-A I was able to sit and talk with a complete stranger about things that matter. It was glorious to say the least. And as we drove home I couldn't help but thank the Lord for answering my very specific prayer... He showed me His Glory.

Ok... that was a really long tangent... so anyways, the rest of our Saturday just got better and better. In the afternoon, the kids took a rest and Joey cut my hair. He cut it really short. I think he liked it, cuz once I had blow dried it, I turned to him and asked him what he thought. He smiled, then put his hands on my face and gave a most lovely kiss. I think that meant he liked it. :)

When the kids woke up we went to a graduation party for two girls that were in Joey's jr. high youth group when he was a youth pastor, nearly six years ago. It was so much fun. We saw old friends, the kids danced, we ate good food, and had great conversations. It was a sweet time.

It was another great day in Paradise...

I know that I haven't posted many pictures lately. I will work on that. But for now, here are two silly pictures of my Joey and me... with my new haircut. :)