Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Reese With(her)spoon

I know that I have been lagging on pictures of the kids lately so today's the day for a glimse of one of our cuties....

Reesie... what a super confident baby... there have been several days lately that I have found her outside, holding her own, while the older kids play all around her. She wants so badly to keep up... and she doesn't let the fact that she can't yet walk stop her from joining in on the fun!

Reese With(her)spoon... :)... get it? :) I'm so creative,and witty, I know. :)

Gotta love this face...

So here's the scoop on Reesie's hair. It hardly grows on the top and she has a full-on mullet in the back! If you know me well, then you know how I feel about mullets.... NO THANK YOU!!! But against every desire in my body, I am going to leave it well enough alone and hope that in 6 months or so her whole hair situation will work itself out!

The good news is that her hair is now long enough to put in a little "fountain" on the top of her head! And y'all know how much I love coming up with fun do's for my girls!! So fun!!!

We went to the park today to celebrate our precious friend Kelsi's birthday. Here's Reesie checkin out the older kids playing on the playground. Less than 60 seconds after I took this photo she found herself a spot right in the middle of all the older kids. She sure seems to love people. :)

Well, I have some pics of the older two, to... I'll try and post them later today if I have time...
Peace out for now. :)