Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Whoever thought Texas could be so close to home?

We leave this friday to drive to Texas in our little scion xb... When we are about to take an adventure of this magnitude we like to talk it up to the kids so that they are totally convinced that a 22 hour car ride is going to be one of the best things that has ever happened to them! So there has been a lot of Texas talk and Thanksgiving talk around here.

A few days ago, Siah woke up, got on his motorcycle and told me... "I'm going to Texas." I didn't know if he was pretending or if he was serious and just confused about the date... So I told him that we were actually going to Texas next week... He took in that information and quickly replied, "No mom, (he calls me mom now and not mommy :), Texas is right there, (and he pointed to the stairs) and could you please move so that I can park my motorcycle in Papaw's garage?"

Tonight they were cooking in "Texas" (aka, the stairs). I asked them what was for dinner and they said, "chicken casserole and "hopcorn" (popcorn)"... mmmm sounds good...

Whoever thought Texas could be so close to home???

I wanted to take some pictures of "Texas" but I haven't had a chance yet... Maybe sometime soon. :)