Monday, November 10, 2008

Oh Really?

Siah has been saying the funniest stuff lately that I want to memorize forever... but since my memory often fails me these days, his thoughts have made it to the blog...

Recently we were sitting at the breakfast table talking about one of Siah's memory verses that had the word "salvation" in it. I asked him if he knew what the word salvation meant, and he said in all seriousness, "ya, it's a chicken!"

The other day we were driving and Siah looked over at Skyler and had a revelation... From the back seat he shouted, "Hey, where did all Skyler's teeth went? They all fall out!" So I told him that she never had any teeth. I looked in the mirror and he looked totally confused. Then he said, "What, what? She no have no teeth?" It made me smile...

And Finally,

We're going to the dentist tomorrow for the first time so I asked the kids this morning if they knew what the dentist was... and again, with full confidence Siah said, "Yeah, it's where Jesus lives."

Oh really? That's good to know. :)