Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Guess who had trouble at the dentist?????

I am so bummed that I didn't get any pictures at the Dentist. I took the kids yesterday for the first time. The dentist came out to the waiting room and asked the kids who was going to go first? Josiah quickly piped in, "Halee!!! Halee go first!" So guess who went first?... Halee! She walked right in and got up in the chair, no questions asked. Josiah got to be the dentist's assistant while she counted Halee's teeth. Then when it was his turn he got right up there too with no complaints!!!

Mommy got her teeth clean too. Unfortunatley I have to confess that I am NOT the best at flossing everyday. You know how I know this... because the dentist scrapped SOOO hard for a long time and then asked, "when's the last time you flossed?" I guess I can't hide my failure to floss!!
She had soo much scrapping to do that my eyes started "watering." Anyways, I hope I learned my lesson. :)

Then I had to get x rays done... and guess what... I gagged almost the entire time!!! In the end they weren't even able to take all the ones they needed cuz I was having so much trouble!!!

The kids did great for their first time at the dentist!!!! It was Mommy who had such a hard time. I spent the entire drive to the dentist encouraging the kids to be brave and that it was no big deal... maybe I should have been giving myself that same pep talk! :)

Granny gave the kids a "congrats on your first time to the dentist" gift... A Dora doll for Hal and a Diego doll for Siah... They haven't stop playing with them since we left the dentist! Thanks Granny!!