Thursday, October 30, 2008

She Inspires Me...

Josiah joined this "Awana's" program at a church near our house... he goes once a week and learns about God's Word, memorizes verses, play games, and other stuff... So throughout the week we practice his memory verse with him at every meal... and while we practice with him, Halee totally picks up on all that Josiah is learning.

A few days ago we went to the grocery store. Halee was repeating Siah's memory verse over and over again to herself the whole ride there. Then I started unloading all the kids from the car and the lady in the car next to us was getting out at the same time. She bent down and started telling Halee that she was a cute little girl and Halee responded boldly. "JESUS GREW IN WISDOM!" You can't always understand Hal when she talks but this time she was as clear as day! And the lady stood up and was kinda taken aback... She was looking right at me but was at a total loss for words. So she finally just said, "Ok dear, have a nice day."

And now I know why Jesus said "Come to me like little children." Hal had no reserve. It never even crossed her mind that the lady might not want to hear what she had to say. She wasn't afraid of offending or over steping her boundaries. There wasn't an ounce of intimidation in her body. I doubt she questioned wether or not what she was saying was really true. In one little sentence she modeled so many of the qualities about her that I absolutely love... boldness, faith ( I think a lot of children have tremendous faith cuz their world hasn't been rocked by an abundance of bad experiences to cause them to think otherwise :); sweet, genuine joy... this girl is beaming from ear to ear 90% of everyday.

She's two years old... but she inspires me in my faith more than I ever imagined she could or would.