Thursday, October 30, 2008

How's Home School?????

How's home school going? Well that's a good question... Some days it's really, really great... other days it's kind of a doosie.... In some areas Siah is learning super fast, like letters and sounds, colors and shapes... It seems like he picked that stuff up within a few days of me showing him stuff.

But writting on the other hand is going VERY,VERY slowly... He has trouble drawing any thing really... If I ask him to draw a line or a circle, I get all sorts of things, but rarely do I get a line or a circle. The other day we were learning about the number zero. I showed him several times how to draw a zero... he traced it several times and then I tried to have him draw a zero on his own next to the fish bowl that has zero fish in it. In the picture above Siah's "zero" is the giant circle looking thing around the fish bowl that has three fish in it. :) He cracks me up!!! I know that he'll totally get there one of these days... But in the meantime all I'm choosing to do is smile... come on... you have to admit it's kinda funny :)

Below are some of my favorite things that we've done...

I told my friend Milly about Josiah's writing "skills" and she gave me some ideas of things that we could do to make learning lines a
little more fun and not so monotonous. We put shaving cream all
over a cookie sheet and then I do some directed drawing with the
kids... today we did a person and a snowman.

I draw a little circle, then I have the
kids copy my circle. Then I draw
a bigger circle and so on...

It's kinda messy but nothing that a
sponge and some 409 can't fix :)

Here's our people...
We also practice "writting" on
the fence in the backyard with
some chalk. Siah has gotten really good
at drawing the letter "H" on the fence.

The kids love to practice their numbers... They line up behind the couch and take turns... First time around they count to 2, then jump... then 3 and jump... 4, 5, etc. Nobody really counts that well yet... But we're just getting started and we're having some fun along the way. We all still have a lot to learn (including Mommy :)
Elizabeth gets to do school with us a couple days a week too:)
I sure do love this girl!!!