Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Broken Mommy Heart...

I don't even know this family... But for some reason my heart is just aching beyond understanding for the Martin's. I first heard about them at a women's study that I go to at a church near my house on Tuesdays. The pastor there announced that last friday the martin's found their 5 year old daughter in the bath tub face down and not breathing... they gave her CPR and got her breathing but by the time they got her to the ER she was already brain dead. It turned out that she had a rare virus of some sort. She was on life support until yesterday. Last night at church the pastor announced that Mia Martin had gone home to be with her sweet Savior.

And here I am in my home with my three healthy children and I just can't seem to cherish them enough. I can't seem to stop the tears from falling out of my eyes for the Martin family. I was sitting on our couch feeding Skyler while watching Joey and the kids playing cars on the floor and I couldn't even fathom not having one of them in my life. Mia is not even my daughter and my heart is having such a hard time carrying the weight of such a loss. I seriously cannot wrap my mind around the fact that Jesus carries the weight (the pain, the suffering, the sin, the loss) of the whole world and he somehow manages to do it with unexplainable grace. How is that even possible???? I just keep praying that the Lord fills Michelle and Mike (Mia's Mommy and Daddy) with this unexplainable peace. I can just picture them crawling up into The Father's lap and letting Him hold them while they weep and weep over the loss of their little girl.

I recieved this email yesterday...

Hi wonderful families and friends,

Thank you all for your many prayers for Mia and her family. While in the hospital on Monday, Mia's mom (Michele) said that someday she wants to set up a website or something and have everyone that has prayed for Mia sign up on the page. Then she wants to figure out how far our line would stretch if we all joined hands. There might be enough of us to stretch across the United States or beyond!!

So many of you have been touched by sweet Mia or her family. Keeping Michele's idea in mind, I thought it would be really cool for each person, whether you know the family closely or have prayed only recently for them, to send an encouraging card in the mail. I hope that their mailbox will be flooded with prayers, encouragement and support. Maybe this will help Michele get a count of the many, many people lifting her up in prayer! The Lord is faithful and good, and is holding the Martin's up with His righteous right hand and in His arms of love, comfort and strength.

Please forward this to the groups and churches that have been faithfully praying for the Martin family.

Cards may be sent to:
Michael and Michele Martin
4885 Caminito Exquisito
San Diego, CA 92130

Thank you!
Much Love,

I don't know this family... But I thought what an incredible way to bless this sweet family in their time of tremendous loss. There is ABSOLUTELY no obligation here by any means. I was just thinking what a small but powerful way for us to come together with our children and our spouses and really love on this broken hearted family. You are welcome to send them a little note if you'd like. I have no doubt that it would bless their socks off to know that people all over the country were talking to the Lord on their behalf. I wanted to put this on our family blog because I figured that even if just one person sends a note to the Martins, that's one more note that they wouldn't have had otherwise.

Anyways, I hope that tonight as we go to bed we just talk with our sweet Savior about the Martins. I pray that we cherish each moment with our children and genuinely soak up those seemingly silly memories that will be the things that we will always carry around in our hearts no matter how many years we get to spend with our children.

My goal for today... soak up my children and love on em like crazy!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading some thoughts from my "mommy heart".