Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What's A Mermaid

Josiah has been asking me about mermaids lately... In fact he asks me everyday, "What a mermaid?" I've told him, "It's a half man, half fish." Or sometimes I say, "It's half woman, half fish." But this morning I said, "It's a fish on the bottom and a person on the top."

He looked confused then said, "No Mommy, it's a fish-girl".

Then it just went on and on...

M_"A girl is a person."
S_ "No, a mermaid no person, it a boy on top and fish too."
M_ "yeah buddy, a person describes a girl and a boy. A boy can be a person, and a girl can be a person. A mermaid can be a girl or a boy on top, so it's a person on top and a fish on the bottom."
S_ "No... it's a fish... girl... boy.... it's a fish boy that gets wet."
M_ "What? Do you understand what a person is?"
S_ "Yeah... It's a mermaid!"

Oh my goodness!!! Not exactly but i guess we'll go with that! :) It's so crazy how much we as adults "just know" without even thinking about it. A mermaid is a mermaid, right? It just is what it is...

So what's a person anyway? I looked it up in the dictionary... it's a "a human being as distinguished from an animal or a thing." So what's a human being? It's a person!!!!! Now we're back to square one!!!

There is so much to teach... and there is so much to learn!!!!!!!!