Friday, August 22, 2008

Self Sufficient Problem Solvers

This morning when Siah and Hal woke up, Hal had no shirt on and low and behold (is that the right expression?) Siah was wearing Hal's shirt... So Joey asked them what happened and Halee said, "I hot Papa, I shir by self" (translation... She was hot and took her shirt off all by herself). Then Siah said, "Me's was cold, I put Halee's shirt on (to stay warm:)."

Here's Siah in Hal's PJ top... Aunt Alair gave Skyler this teddy bear but some how is has become one of Siah's favorite things... he sleeps with it every night and brings it to breakfast every morning... :)

Way to go guys you took care of yourselves in the night without any help from Mommy or Papa!!! Way to work together!!!