Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Couldn't Help But Laugh

I was at the mall today with all three kids by myself and we were eating lunch in the food court... We had just gotten our food and I was feeding Skyler when Josiah suddenly grabs his bottom and shouts in a panic, "I need to go poopoo!" (A little background info... for some reason over the past few weeks he has been holding it until he has to go so bad that he can't quite hold it all in until he gets to the bathroom. So I know I need to get him to the bathroom QUICK!) I'm trying to think fast and come up with a plan as to how I am going to continue feeding Skyler, push the stroller, carry our lunch, convince Halee to run fast enough to keep up with us (she's kind of my lolly gagger), and get Siah to the bathroom that just happens to be on the complete other side of the food court... I could have just put Skyler in the stroller but of course I didn't think of that... so I am carrying her while trying to keep her bottle in her mouth with my chin, Halee is holding onto my leg and asking me over and over again, "Siah go poopoo? Siah go poopoo?" The lunch is in the stroller and I'm chasing Siah who is running towards the bathroom holding his bum, and shouting repeatedly to himself, but loud enough for everyone that we pass to hear, "Poop, don't come out! Poop, don't come out!"
We made it to the bathroom and as I am trying to open the door with my bum and drag the stroller in and direct Halee to walk in before the door closes on her, Siah is pleading with me, "Hurry Mama, it's coming! Hurry Mama, It's coming now!
I couldn't help but laugh!!! Way to go little buddy, you made it across the food court and into the potty!!!

I took these pictures when we got home from our big adventure today....

I love all their expressions in this photo...

This is what Skyler looks like most of the time... Not a lot of emotion in this girl... She's very steadfast :)
This is the epitome of Halee's personality... She is a total goof ball and she's hilarious!!!

Thank you guys for bringing so much joy into my life and for making me laugh so hard!!! I sure do love you!!!!!