Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sweet Treasure Chest

I feel like the Lord has given my kiddos a treasure chest full of fabulous friends!!!! This week we soaked up some sweet time with so many precious little people...

This is Cadence... She is one of Siah and Hal's favorite friends to be around... They pray for her each night before they go to sleep... they are a funny threesome... Halee calls Cadence her favorite friend; Cadence likes Siah the best; and Siah seems to like both girls the same. :)
Cadence and her little sister Haven came over a couple times this week and played in our back yard.

We traced the kids on the fence with chalk... cadence asked if I would draw her with really long hair... Siah wanted "Sparkly hair"... Halee wanted "Tongue out"... Siah said that Haven should be bald :) Haven has way more hair than Siah does but I guess in his mind she doesn't have enough hair to have it drawn on her chalk picture :)

The Fabulous Five together again...

Our little monkey...

The girls were "making muffins" in the back yard...

Yesterday our friends Adam and Luke had a "Grand Reopening Patio Party" for all the neighbors. They have the most fun patio on the block but they had to shut it down a few weeks ago cuz of a minor rodent problemo...But now everything is A-OK. :)
All the neighbors brought their blow up pools and we set them all up on the green belt right next to the patio... it was our own mini water park ;)

Who wouldn't have fun here????

Remember slip and slides???? Check out Siah trying to get down on his bum! :)
What sweet times with the sweet treasures in our lives!
Blessing upon Blessing!!!