Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy 30th Birthday To My Man

Ten things I love about Joseph Ryan Clark...
(pictures to come)

10. He's hilarious! The boy makes me laugh EVERY DAY

9. He's the hardest worker I know. Thank you for working so hard to provide for our little family

8. He has a tremendous amount of faith. throughout our whole marriage we have had to trust God in our finances. I have spent many unnecessary hours worrying while my amazing husband reminds me gently of God's faithfulness in always providing. (Ask me sometime and I will give you testimony after testimony of times that Joey has had great faith in God's promises :)

7. He is so steadfast... He's no where near the emotional roller coaster that I am. He's solid and consistent... with him I always know what I'm gonna get.

6. He's extremley generous. He loves to give of his time to others.

5. He's totally selfless... about the big things and the little things... He always ask me where I want to go when we go out to eat(may not sound like a big deal but it blesses me), he makes sure that I have time to myself to be refreshed and renewed so that I can be a better wife and mommy.

4. He's not afraid to speak truth into my life... he helps me to be a better woman.

3. He can fix anything and solve any problem. (He's the everything man at our home... when ever something gets broken, before I can even say anything, the kids tell me, "don't worry mama, papa can fix it when he gets home." or if I can't answer a question the kids tell me, "Me's ask Papa when he come home." They know that Papa can do anything... and if he doesn't know how to do it right away he'll figure it out so quickly that you never would have known that he didn't know how to do it.

2. He's an amazing Papa... all I can say is WOW my kids are so blessed!

1. And the number one thing that I love about Joey is that he is MY husband and no one else's (thank goodness for that, huh?)!!

I love you my most amazing husband!!! Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!!!