Monday, August 25, 2008


We actually did it!! We have been planning a surprise party for Joey for over six months... and I have worked sooooo hard to keep it a secret... and we actually did it!!! Joey usually figures out everything and he genuinely had NO clue! It was the best day ever!!!

We got up Saturday morning and went to Pipes (a little breakfast joint that we take the kids to every Saturday morning)... Then Granny and Gramps came and picked up the kids... We packed Siah and Hal's bikes in the back of the suburban so that they could take them on the river walk by their house... But really they were heading straight over to our friends Jim and Monique's house. It was great... He packed up the whole car and put sunscreen on the kids and everything!
THen Joey and I got to ready to meet Jim and Mo at their house for some "birthday fun." I told Joey that I couldn't tel him where we were going or what we were doing... but that it would take us a little while to drive there after we picked up Jim and Mo... So on the way to their house he insisted that we stop at Radio Shack and buy a cable for his ipod so that we could listen to music on the ride out to where ever we were going. So we stopped... little did he know that we weren't going ANYWHERE ! :)

Then we got to the front door... rang the door bell... waited for what seemed like eternity but it was maybe only 30 seconds... the door opened slowly... then... everybody yelled SURPRISE!!!!! And Joey... well... He just stood there in shock... dumbfounded... a tear even welled up in his eyes!!!! IT WAS SOO COOL!!!!!! WE actually did it!!

All our friends were soo awesome! Aunt Mindy did what she does best and set up everything for that morning with the help of several other wonderful friends. When we got there all the food was ready, the meat was all cooked up. Our friend Jim started us off with some prayer for the birthday man... We ate and caught up with some old friends... (A few friends came from Northern CA and Joey's dad and sister came out from Texas :)...
Then we had a time of toasting... thank you to all those who shared stories and memories of ways that Joey has blessed you, or encouraged you, or challenged you, or made you laugh (Cubbie :), It was such a sweet time to see soo many of our friends and family standing in front of us, there celebrating the life of the man that I love!! It was just a testimony of the millions of reasons why I love being married this man!

Talking to everyone right after "the surprise"

He totally blew out all 30 candles!!!

The party was awesome but it was just the beginning... Jen, Joey's sister and our friend Alair spent the night with the kids and we got to go to the Hilton Torrey Pines for the night... Our friend Mary blessed us with a night away... Before we made it to the hotel we went to "Forever Fondue," a most delicious restaurant in La Jolla. You don't just go there to eat, you go there to have an experience! :) It took us almost two hours to get through all the courses... It was so fun talking about the party and the about the ladies next to us who were celebrating someones 50th birthday. Joey so hilariously observed that they were probably not a bunch of ladies from La Jolla or Del Mar... I won't tell you what he said but just know that it was stinkin hilarious!!!

Then we ended the night sleeping all night long without waking up to feed the baby... I can't even tell you how wonderful that was... I thought that I would have trouble sleeping because I constantly hear the kids in my head whether they are with me or not, but I must have been tired because I slept for eight hours straight!!!
It was one of the best days of my life! Thank you Lord for the sweet times of joy and celebration in our lives! I truly am blessed by all that you have put into my life!!!