Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Las Vegas Babies:)

Reading books with Grandma...

Silly Face...
Halee Tickling Siah...

This week Mama took us to Las Vegas to visit our Great Grandma... We had so much fun... WE played in the back yard and got REALLY dirty :)... We read books and played with all of grandma's singing stuffed animals... We sang silly songs and did silly dances... We went shopping and grandma got us some clothes for our birthdays... we love clothes... okay... not so much :)... but Mama was more than grateful for grandma's generosity :) THANK YOU GRANDMA!!!

Anyways... this morning we went to Lake Mead and fed the ducks and the fish popcorn... I have never seen anything like it... we threw the popcorn in the water and like 50 giant fish came to the surface and started fighting over the popcorn and the ducks would just crawl over the fish as if the fish weren't even there, to try to get their fair share of the popcorn... Mama accidently forgot the camera in the car so we didn't get any pictures but it was a really cool thing to watch!!!

But we did post a few pictures from grandma's house... and we also posted a video of us doing a silly dance that we learned from watching WAY TO MUCH Dora the Explorer lately :)

Toodles for now