Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wyatt and the Beach

Last weekend we had two friends with birthdays, Luke and Wyatt... Wyatt's party was at the beach and Luke had a guitar party at his house... At the beach we found a giant hole and filled it up with water then we would jump in it with our friend Wyatt and splash each other... It was super fun until the tide came in... then Halee got toppled over and got kinda sad.. or OK... she got really sad... But Papa swept her up in his arms and saved her from being swept away by the ocean... WAY TO GO PAPA :)

And the best part of the day... We got to sing happy birthday and cake twice in one day... I think that every time I sing Happy Birthday I get cake.. So Halee and I sang Happy birthday over and over again on the way to Luke's party and then we would ask for our cake... I couldn't understand why I Mama and Papa weren't giving me cake... I sang the song... where's my cake?????

Later for now.. Josiah