Monday, May 22, 2017

He's 12

It's just down right crazy how fast the years are going by. This boy of mine has plans. Big plans. And if he follows through with them like I think he will, then I really only have four more years homeschooling the boy. When he's 16, he wants to test out of high school and get a job, save his money, build a tiny house, and buy some land. It's really quite glorious how focused and driven he is at age twelve.
This boy of ours is the first one out of bed in the morning. He gets up, does his morning chores, fixes himself breakfast, cleans up after himself, and usually starts school by 6:30am. He knows what needs doing and he does it all well, and to the glory of God. The other day, a woman from a local ranch called and asked if she could hire him for the summer to come work her land. She heard from another neighbor that he was a hard worker. This makes my mama-heart BEAM!
He shares a birthday with 2 of his closest friends and they had a joint party this year at an indoor go-cart track. Then they came back to the farm and built a track here and did timed races with each other. I think they had a blast.


This boy of mine is a gem! Truly. I'm not sure why the Lord blessed me with such a trustworthy, honest, hard-working, humble, kind & Jesus-loving little man. He's a gift to me. And every year when his birthday rolls around, I find myself full of gratitude  for the privilege of living life with this kid.
Happy 12th little man! You bless me and I love you to the moon and back.