Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Tree

This is the year that this kid had a dozen and a half meltdowns.

This is the year that the three-year olds walked by themselves and not in a backpack.

This is the year that our oldest boy carried the tree back to the van all by himself. 

This is the year that it took us awhile to find that perfect tree.

This is the year that the Charmer lost his hat in the woods and the Ninja informed me that he had to pee AFTER we had put all his snow gear on. 

This is the year that Miss Shiloh slept through the hunt.

We've ventured into the woods with these lovely friends for six years now. The group changes a bit every year, but the Gaws and the Clarks have stuck together each year since we moved to our little farmhouse out in the sticks in 2010.

And this is the year that the Lord gave me joy through it all because this is the year that our tribe was, well, our tribe. And when we hunt for our tree each year with this tribe, there is exploring, and adventure, laughing and often times a good amount of crying. Someone almost always looses something and by the time we all pile back into the van there are those who have conquered and those who are disappointed and those who have tucked a dozen unspoken joy-memories into their pockets to treasure for a lifetime. We don't venture out with this crew because it's convenient and care free. We venture out because there is ALWAYS joy to be found, even in the midst of our controlled chaos.

Our oldest asked me to make a video of our hunt. So here it is... ENJOY! 

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