Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving With Our Crew {Moments I Long To Remember}

15 (million) potty stops later... we made it to Aunt Kristin & Uncle Beau's for Thanksgiving.

{This picture captures my life these days... Me on the side of the road; him with his pants wrapped around his ankles.}

On Thanksgiving morning she saw me getting ready in our little condo bathroom and asked if she could wear some red lipstick and if I could curl her hair. I love that she's still in the phase of wanting to be like her Mama. 

She might only be one year old, but she didn't want to miss out on the girls getting ready. She sat at my feet and gazed up at me as I curled her sister's hair. 

Sisters watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

She got a few 20 minute naps in the entire trip, but otherwise, she kept up with the best of em. 

I just think he's handsome.

Aunt Kristin cooked an amazing dinner. 

And the men were in charge of the turkeys.

I absolutely LOVE seeing my Dad laugh. 

Tradition has it__ when the turkey hat is on your head, you get to say what you're thankful for. 

Shiloh Faithy helping Aunt Kristin set the table.

Not everyone's brother marries one of his sister's best friends. I've known this amazing woman since I was 12. Now she's been my sister for nearly 18 years. She's an incredible Mama, wife and friend and I love that we get to spend holidays together with both our crews! Thanks for today sweet sister! Thanks for the fabulous food and the all the laughter. But mostly thanks for being my friend!

This is his second piece of pie. He ate a piece of pumpkin in one chair. Then he moved to another chair and told his sister that he hadn't had any pie and he'd like a slice of apple with ice cream on top please. He's a tricky tricky white boy I tell ya__ And I love every ounce of him.

This was their indoor climbing wall. Hours of entertainment. 

Dancing in my apron with my darling.

Uncle Beau showing my Siah the ropes in turkey frying.

Her grown up side wanted to wear red lipstick and curl her hair today. But her little girl side still likes to soak up her Papa's lap.

5:30am. Hanging out in Mama and Papa's bed while the other four kids are fast ASLEEP!

Guest appearance by... Nacho Libre. 


How thankful I am to have spent Thanksgiving with this crew.