Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Charmer And The Spunky Girl {Interview #3}

This might be my favorite of all three interviews__ mainly because it is so them. These two. I am confident that Reese's joy just might be the way she makes her mark on the world. My favorite part of their interview is when she busts out in song__  that_is_so_HER! She's vibrant and full of joy and life and I want to soak that up in her forever and always.

And my Jeddy__ I wanna remember his sweet little voice and how he says and does everything his sister does. I wanna remember how independent he can be and how he's not afraid of an adventure around the farm. I wanna remember this season of him mispronouncing big words like "activity" in his interview__ he won't always mispronounce words and I love the stages in life that mean they're still young and not afraid of making mistakes. I wanna remember the three dimples that appear on his sweet little cheeks every time he feels the least bit shy. I wanna soak up his servant heart and the way his five-year-old-self loves to help his Mama.

These two are another dynamic duo in our little tribe of treasures.

Hope you enjoy getting to know them a little bit more.

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